Hey Emily,

So I have lived in Texas my whole life and have visited my family and friends in Michigan every summer. When my dad was 18, he and his family moved here from Shelby, Michigan, Well his younger brother always had a dream of moving back. I too have had the same dream. I have always wanted to live there! I will be graduating high school in about 4 months and the choice is getting close. I have been accepted to a community college here in Texas, but this summer I want to move up to Michigan with a real close family of friends that my dad grew up with, and I grew up with their children, get a job and see if I can make it during the summer and see if I can make. And if not, should I just come back to Texas and forget about my dream, or push myself to make my dreams come true. Please help.

--------------------------------Miss Emily's advice---------------------------

I'm all for pushing to have your dreams come true, and I see no problem with testing the waters, but this is one dream you should have, above all others -- college! It's extremely important in order to get ahead in this tough, and getting tougher, competitive world.  If you were to go to Michigan, I hope your plan would be to establish residency (*most states charge large out-of-state college fees for non-residents), work, and then commit to getting into a local college. If your parents have no objection to you wanting to spread your wings, and there is a family safety net in Michigan to aid and assist you, the plan seems more than reasonable to me. Were this not to turn out the way you had hoped -- or your dreams change, I am sure you will be welcomed back in Texas, and can re-enroll in the community college. Again, my only concern is that you go to college. Have a plan -- a goal to be the best you can be. A career, with financial independence offers you the freedom to make choices out of want, rather than need -- no matter where you end up -- Texas, Michigan, or the south of France! Who know where your dreams will take you? Just make sure you have a solid foundation to help get you there.