Dear Miss Emily:

I have a 4 year old. I'm getting divorced, and it will be finalized in 2 weeks. I have a boyfriend and we have been together almost a year and a half. She has never met him. I'm wondering when is the right time to introduce them and how to do it???

--------------------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------

If you and your boyfriend are tight, I see no reason to hold off on an introduction. If you really want to feel good about your choice, do it exactly after the divorce is finalized. A meal out, or other outing would be a good choice -- rather than in your home. From there on, bring your boyfriend into the picture, gradually, in order for them to get acquainted without it being forced.  Keep any "overnights" discreet, for now, -- not so much as a moral statement, but you want your child to feel she does not have to compete for your attention. Integrate your boyfriend for family fun and gatherings, but don't put him in the role of playing a daddy figure unless you were to marry.