Dear Miss Emily:
So I used to like this guy and everyone thought he liked me back and that we would make a cute couple. But then I stopped liking him, and one of my friends asked him who he liked and he said this girl I have never heard of.  Then I went to my friend and told her, and she said he was making up a name to get me jealous.  Apparently,  he has been known to do that. So I don’t know who to believe.

---------------------------Miss Emily’s advice-----------------------

Dear Wondering:

I’m wondering why you should really care.  If you don’t like him, really don’t like him, his stories should be of no consequence.  If he is saying he likes someone who is nonexistent, it’s sad, but maybe he has a fragile ego and is having difficulty coping with the fact that you are no longer interested in him.   Still, why do you really care?  Unless you do, for some reason that has something to do with YOUR fragile ego.  It's time to get honest about why this bothers you.