Dear Miss Emily:

My mom has to move in with my family and me. She has a cat, and I have a dog. I am not comfortable about what do. Please help!

-----------------------------------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------------------------

Cats are finicky, and they can take over a whole house. Amazing little creatures. If you try to acclimate them, and it turns out to be a bust, you have two options:  Insist that her cat stay in her room with a litter box, or tell her she has to find a new home for the cat. If you allow your mother to dictate your living conditions, that would be a huge mistake. She is living with you, not vice versa, and it is the kindness of your heart that has allowed it. But that doesn't mean you suddenly have to become a child, again. If she doesn't like the pre-arranged conditions, and you should make them clear before she moves in, that's a pity. But be firm, because your life will become a living hell if you're not.