Dear Miss Emily, 
My math teacher is horrible. She never gets to the lesson plans -- and when she does, she confuses all of the class. We have had her for two years and the whole class hates her. She also always talks about her personal life. To undestand the assignment, we have to ask the other math teacher. We are thinking about going to the principal, but we want to make it will change things. Please give some advice!! Thank you.

---------------------------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------------------

Assuming the students have made it clear to her that they don't understand, and nothing has changed, yes, get a group together and go to the principal. You'd be doing the whole class a favor -- including her! You have a right to be taught without being confused, nor having to consult another teacher. I could see getting a tutor if the subject matter is confusing, despite her efforts, but this is not the case. Let me know what happens.