Dear Miss Emily:

We started the relationship about 2 months ago, even though I knew he had a girlfriend who has been living with him for years.  I just can't control myself on how much I love him.  Two weeks ago, I finally couldn’t hide my jealousy and told him that I guessed he didn't answer my call because his girlfriend was with him.  A few days later, he e-mailed back and admitted that my guess was right.  He wrote in the e-mail that he will leave her soon and that will be an end to their relationship. He asked me to be patient.  For sure, that I am "The ONE" for him. I accepted his explanation, BUT... a few days later, I've got crazy again and e-mailed to ask if he would really end the relationship with his girlfriend, and would he regret it?  Is he certain that I am “THE ONE?”  It’s been 10 days since I sent the e-mail to him. I did text to remind him to check his e-mail.  It’s obvious that he has read what I wrote.  Yet... I haven't heard a word from him so far.  What is he thinking?  Does that mean that he has decided to dump me and stay with her?  Or does he need some more time to cut off the relationship with his girlfriend, then he will come back to me?  I miss him badly, yet I can still manage my daily life.  I am sure of what I am doing.  I know I did love him deeply.
Waiting and Hoping

---------------------------Miss Emily’s advice-----------------------

Dear Waiting:

You know, sometimes I'm too hard on those who can’t end a relationship in a timely fashion.  Emotional issues are seldom black or white.  But come on!  This is not good by any stretch of the imagination.  Unless this woman is breathing down his neck 24/7, he could call you and, at the very least, give you an update.  That is, if he really cares the way he has professed:  “YOU’RE THE ONE!”  Oh, really?  If this is a sample of what’s down the road, you should take a hard look at this man and ask yourself why he’d say such a thing and, now,  treat you like a distant cousin.  Only knowing him two months is not a lot of time to be sure that you love him deeply.  Deep love is a growing process, not one that happens overnight. Do not contact him, again.  If he calls, and he has broken it off with his girlfriend, proceed with caution.  Make sure you are invited to HIS home, and keep an eye out for nervous behavior. Maturity and honesty may not be his strong suit. If this is the case, consider yourself lucky if he never calls again.  That said, I know it’s tough to be in your position.  The heart wants what the heart wants.  Mine goes out to you.