Dear Miss Emily:

I TOOK YOUR ADVICE AND STARTED TALKING TO HIM MORE!  He stares and smiles at me all the time. We are good friends. I think he might like me but, when I asked him, he said this girl’s name.  I have never met her.  So he is giving me all the signs but told me that he doesn't like me.  I’m getting less shy around him, but I’m losing my confidence. What do you do if a  guy is giving you all the signs but told you something different?

---------------------Miss Emily's advice----------------

I'm proud of you!  You made a courageous move toward finding out what's going on with him, and now you know.  He's as much told you that he's not interested in a girlfriend/boyfriend situation.  But I have to tell you -- I remember all this kind of game playing when I was your age -- insane mixed messages, because half the time we didn't know what we wanted and continued to test the waters. As well, flirting seems to be built-in to our DNA!  It's fun, and it strokes our egos.  One thing I am sure that you must not do, is set yourself up for a world of hurt. Maybe something will happen down the line, but never make this a monumental issue or it will alter your need to keep forcused on other, very important things. Be friendly, but stop trying to read his mind.  If something happens in the future, so be it.  Do frequent reality checks, hold your head high, and walk tall!