Dear Miss Emily:

There's someone I've been talking to and I've dated once.  He texts me on my phone, but doesn't call because he says he's always busy (we have very different schedules). Yesterday, he sent me a text message saying he likes me because I'm nice, sexy, pretty, and beautiful. Now, I've never been in a relationship before, and a part of me thinks he's lying because I don't know of anyone that thinks that of me, even myself.  Do you think he's lying to me telling me things that he thinks I want to hear? If you think he's not lying what can I do to move things along?  Thank you very much!

----------------------------Miss Emily’s advice-------------------------

Dear Suspect:

I can understand some of your trepidation, because your inexperience in this matter is limited.  But the question is why?  If it’s low self-image, it’s time to figure out why you have it and what you can do about it.  Most people with this problem see themselves as separate from everyone else in the world, and they have something that you don’t.  That’s a mistake, because all of us have something that we feel doesn’t measure up – physically, intellectually.  But what makes it easier for some, is that they know how to make the most of what they have, and do not entertain feelings of inferiority.  With this guy, cool the endless correspondence via texting unless he suggests seeing you, again.  Otherwise, I don’t know what his problem is, but you’d be better off letting it go and not waste anymore of your precious time.  If you have another date, don’t pry, but ask him questions about his interests, family, etc. Check his sincerity level when he talks and be cautious if he is unwilling to open up.  Unless you are fabulously wealthy, and you think he’s putting you on because he’s a fortune hunter, his compliments may seem odd to you, but he might see something that you don’t.  Believe me, the most beautiful women in the world are those who possess dignity, grace and wisdom.  Cultivate these qualities, and you will never have to ask these questions again.