Dear Miss Emily:

I met a guy a few months ago and recently found out he was living with his girlfriend.  He told me about his situation and states that he is only living there because his name is on the lease and he has no where to go right now.  We are only friends, but I'm beginning to catch feelings and he told me he had feelings for me too.  I really want to be with this guy, but I don't want to be the other women.  He said that if things works out between us, he would move with me.  Is he trying to run games?  Should I trust him?

----------------------------Miss Emily’s Advice------------------------

Dear Dangling:

Living with his girlfriend.  Now she’s an ex, or girl friend?  Let’s just say he means his ex-girlfriend.  That’s a problem because, you’re right, you don’t know what’s really going on.  You’d like to trust him, but people can lie; especially when they put their feelings first and neglect to think that others have them.  It may be that he’s waiting for something better to come along, and he thinks it might be you.  But I don’t like the fact that things are so iffy.  And I'm nervous that he said, “if things work out between us.”  Is he covering his bets?  Or even worse, is he living off this roommate of his and you’re the next landlord?  Everyone should be concerned whether they have a roof over their heads, and it’s good if he’s honoring a lease, but I’d keep it friends until you know more about him and his situation.  Looking back, you’ll be glad you didn’t put your heart on the starting line until you knew you had a chance at winning.