Dear Miss Emily:

My mother-in-law refuses to leave me, my husband and sister-in-law
alone. She has called dhs, called our children's schools, and told
them a bunch of lies. She and my brother-in-law's wife had me and
my sister-in-law arrested, a few days ago. I really need help on
this one.
Arrested Development

----------------Miss Emily's advice-------------

Dear Arrested:

I don't know why this became a police issue, but am I to assume
it has something to do with perceived child abuse? Neglect? If
she's as crazy as you let on and her accusations are totally
unfounded, you have to start building a case for yourself, and
one against her. Get a paper and pen, and document this woman's
attacks on you. There is power in numbers. Get others to back you
up, and have them document your multiple problems with this woman.
Keep your cool, and let your anger be transferred into reasonable
action, led by a resolve to stay calm, yet powerful. If you
cannot afford a private attorney, when you see the public defender,
bring your list of past grievances in written form. Once again,
a level head is the key to your success. When this is over,
seek a restraining order. She has no right to destroy your
life. Make sure your retaliation is honest in your attempt to
right this wrong. Any dishonest attempt to avenge her will
strengthen her position. Good luck.