Dear Miss Emily:

One of my really good friends is dating this really nice, good
looking guy that goes to a different school for 4 months. I met
him last week when we went to his basketball game and, then, I
went to my friend's house afterward and talked to her boyfriend.
When we were talking to him, we found out that he lives about 6
houses down from me and that maybe he would come over sometime.
After that, he kept hinting in the conversation that he sorta
liked me, and even told my friends. She should go blonde because
he likes blondes (I'm a blonde). Also I think I'm fat, and he
was always saying that if I'm fat, he's obese! Throughout the
conversation, we ended up finding out we had nearly everything
in common. I really wanna see him again, and I'm sure we'll be
hanging out this summer. Should I try and get him, or see him at
Want Him

-----------------Miss Emily's advice------------

Dear Want Him:

You can go after him, but watch out. Your friend is going to
see it as a betrayal. Her not being blond is a superficial
approach to this problem. On his part, he has every right to
prefer blonds, but then he seems to be playing both sides of
the fence. He likes you. He likes her. He's all over the map
on this one. A lot of guys see themselves as "God's gift to
the world" and find nothing wrong with carrying a torch for
any female that gets within fifty miles of him. If you get
involved with this guy behind your friend's back, take
responsibility if this gets nasty. You may not care if
this friend ends up hating you, but know that you're going to
be considered untrustworthy, and gossip might spread like wildfire.
By the way, if you see yourself as fat, and you're not, you
might be setting yourself up for an eating disorder. Find out
what is an appropriate weight for your height and bone structure,
and keep within those guidelines.