Dear Miss Emily:

My boyfriend keeps wanting to go down on me after we have had
sex. I have let him do it a few times, but only if I have been
drinking. Then I enjoy it, but I kind of think it's dirty. I
have not been with many guys b4, and I'm not sure if guys usually
like doing it. I also wonder if its kind of gay that he likes
doing this after he's ejaculated. He says it's not gay
because he's doing this to me. I like it, but I'm not sure its
Down and Dirty

----------------Miss Emily's advice-------------

Dear Down and Dirty:

Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable should be addressed,
no matter what the reason. In other words, don't do anything
against your will. That said, I see no problem with your
boyfriend's bahavior on this subject. There's no right or wrong
if the act is acceptable to each party involved. But your
drinking to enjoy this is the problem. Drinking makes one less
inhibited, but you shouldn't have to have a bottle by the bed to
allow yourself the freedom to enjoy it. Again, there's nothing
gay about this "pleasure trip" but I suggest you get over these
negative feelings concerning this act or put your foot down. If it
doesn't feel right to you, no matter what your reasoning, insist
on mouth above waist until you've come to a final conclusion.