Dear Miss Emily:

I have been involved in this ongoing text message flirting with my boss for about a month. Many of the messages are very sexual in nature and imply that he is more then willing to cheat. Not only is he the boss, he’s engaged! Is this just innocent flirting or...
Crossing the line?

---------------------------Miss Emily’s advice---------------------

Dear Crossing the Line:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the bosses that have done this, either married or engaged, were forced to walk around naked, wearing a sign that reads: “I’m impotent and allergic to Viagra!”  You can continue to text him with sexy responses and vice-versa but, at the end-of-the- day, you will feel lousy about it. And yes, he's crossing the line and so are you. Worst case scenario: You end up sleeping with him, you fall for him and, then, he tells you not to call while he’s on his honeymoon. Best case scenario: Your job is threatened.  I’d stop it before it gets ugly, and that’s an excellent possibility.  Try to explain to him that you’ve realized it’s a selfish act on your part, letting this dip off the hook.  It’s only half of the truth, but who cares?  You’ll be taking responsibility for your part and that’s all that really matters.