Dear Emily,
I recently began speaking with my ex about a month ago. Turned out, he found me on Instagram and still had my number (who knew?). He is dating and living with his new girlfriend, so I keep our conversations dull and very brief.  Recently, he's been out of line with some of comments he will text me (they're of a sexual nature). I call him on them right away, because he shouldn't feel the need to say those things if he is committed to someone else. I get the vibe that he isn't happy. The girl he's with was the first girl he knew after we broke up. I think he picked the first person that came his way, not necessarily the best, but the first. The last thing I want to do is get caught up in my feelings for him again. Any thoughts on the matter?

------------------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------

"The last thing I want to do is get caught up in feelings for him again." Okay, what do those words mean to you? Are you sure about that? I am not a big supporter of redo relationships, because it's rare to have things work out a second time around. So often, there's too much water under the bridge -- and although you may have some lingering connection (for him it seems to be sexual), that's not going to be enough to carry the day. And you're right, of course -- he has a girlfriend. You know that, but how quickly he forgets! What he's, essentially, saying is that he doesn't have the courage, or desire to break up with her, "but could you fill the void (s) in my relationship?" I am sure he wouldn't mind meeting up and starting a sexual relationship, but that leaves you feeling stuck and hurt if he heads back to his girlfriend post rendezvous. If you're pretty sure you and he can't have, now, what was missing before you broke up, why even talk to him? That said, because the negatives aren't cast in stone he, at the very least, would need to be a free agent. Your heart stands to get another lashing, but it wouldn't be while he had you and this other girl. Don't let the fact that this may boost your ego color reality.